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Fit & Wash Guide

WindWalkers Product Information: Fit & Wash Guide


About WindWalkers: Our products are crafted with the finest washable American Sheepskin and materials whenever possible. Each item is backed by a one-year guarantee against defects in materials or workmanship.

Sheepskin Slippers and Boots:


  • For optimal fit, wear snugly barefoot. The fur will compact inside, and they will stretch up to a full size.
  • Initially, wear barefoot and again post-washing for them to regain shape.


  • Machine wash on a regular cycle in warm or cold water, adding dark-colored towels for cushioning.
  • Use a small amount of Ivory soap, Eucalan Wool Wash, or a gentle pH-balanced shampoo.
  • Avoid Woolite, Dr. Bronner's, or detergents like Tide.
  • Air dry away from direct sunlight, partially drying with an air fluff setting if needed.

Orthotic Sport Sandals:


  • Velcro straps stretch approximately 1/2” on the top toe and ankle.
  • Trim straps if necessary (sewn with an extra row of stitching).


  • Wash new sandals to remove excess dye and rinse well after ocean use.

Sandal Maintenance:

  • Rejuvenate faded or stained sandals with shoe dyes and leather conditioners.
  • Periodically replace Velcro with our specialized military-strength version.

Resoling and Repairs:

  • Resole WindWalkers at a shoe repair shop or send them to us for repairs.
  • Include a note with your phone number for a price quote before we start repairs.

Following these care instructions ensures the longevity and performance of your WindWalkers products. Contact us for any inquiries or assistance.