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WindWalkers Product Information

WindWalkers Product Information

Fitting Guide and Wash / Care Instructions

*We proudly use the finest washable American sheepskin & materials when possible.

*All products come with a 1-year Guarantee for defects and materials or workmanship.


Fitting: A snug barefoot is best. The fur will pack down inside & they will stretch up to a full size. Wear

barefoot when they are new and again after washing. They will quickly stretch back out! 

Washing: You may want to wash in the washing machine on regular cycle in warm or cold water. For

cushioning add dark colored towels or clothes (as shoes will lose some color). Or wash by hand. For taller

beaded styles, pin tassels to inside of shoe when washing, to protect them from breaking. Use a little

ivory soap, Eucalan Wool Wash or a gentle PH balance shampoo is recommended.


Rinse well – (you can run through the washer again without soap for complete rinsing.) Air dry out of

direct sunlight. Dry partially with air fluff setting on your dryer to speed up drying time. ** A waterproofing

silicone base spray may be applied to give them water resistance. In snow, brush off salt accumulated

from the roads and rinse or wash after your trip.


Our WaveWalker sandals are made to be worn in any weather, rivers, or the sea!

Fitting: Velcro straps will stretch about half an inch on the top and ankle straps. They are sewn with an

extra row stitching so that you may trim the straps down when needed.

Washing: We recommend washing when the sandals are new to bleed out excess dye (See sheepskin

washing instructions above). Wash or rinse well in freshwater ASAP after ocean use (salt is hard on


Sandal maintenance:

Shoe dyes and leather conditioners may be applied to revitalize faded or stained sandals and put to back

the natural moisture when the leather gets dried out. Velcro replacement must be done periodically.

**We must replace the Velcro because it is a special military strength and shoe repair shops don’t

typically carry it (Or we can mail you the Velcro so you can have it replaced by your local shoe repair

shop) **


You can have your WindWalkers resoled at your local neighborhood shoe repair shop. Or send them to us for repairs

& resoling. Include a note about what you need (with your phone number inside the box). We will get back to you

with a price quote prior to working on your shoes.


You may exchange your WindWalkers for another size or style. Just send them to us with $15.00 for your return

shipping and any price difference (if exchanging styles). Please include a note about what you need with your phone

number inside the box, so we can call you with any questions we may have.

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